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A Phenomenal Week

Years in the making, it was a privilege to show one of my films at a festival again and to give a talk on adventure filmmaking & photography.

A Phenomenal Week

Last weekend was absolutely wild! I had the amazing opportunity to share my Surfers Against Sewage documentary, Save Our Oceans, at the Tiny Gatherings Festival in Devon.

Tiny Gatherings was held on a beautiful wild site in the countryside, and it was the perfect setting for a weekend of camping, music, films and community. There were tiny homes, vans, and tents everywhere, and everyone was just so friendly and welcoming.

I showed my documentary on the Sunday evening, and it was so great to see so many people interested in learning more about Surfers Against Sewage's work and their fight against plastic pollution. After the screening, I had a chance to answer questions from the audience, and it was really rewarding to hear how my film had inspired them.

On the Sunday morning, I gave a talk about my love of adventure filmmaking and photography. I shared my journey from making short films with my parents' camcorder to travelling the country making documentaries, and I talked about the challenges and rewards of working in this field.

I also had a chance to meet some other amazing filmmakers and creatives at the festival. We shared stories, swapped advice, and made plans to collaborate in the future.

Overall, it was an incredible weekend that I'll never forget. I'm so grateful to Nicole for inviting me to Tiny Gatherings, and I can't wait to go back next year!

If you're looking for a unique and inspiring festival experience, I highly recommend checking out Tiny Gatherings. It's a festival that celebrates the beauty of the natural world and the power of community.

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