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A Change Of Pace

How I'm blending my passions into a career I love. Packed full of adventure.

A Change Of Pace

Life's been a whirlwind these past few months, brimming with adventure and new beginnings.

Rewind to nine months ago; it all started with a simple yet intriguing gesture - sending a compass through the post. It was more than just a mailed object; it symbolised direction, adventure, and an uncharted future.

This compass was part of a Lumpy Mail marketing campaign inspired by my good friend, Louis, from The Mailman. It's all about sending unique marketing campaigns through the post that stand out compared to spamming LinkedIn and email inboxes.

Little did I know, this compass began a journey that would steer my career in an unexpected, exhilarating direction.

My work with Live For Today began as a freelance partnership. During this time, I was deeply immersed in their world of adventure.

As our initial six-month contract neared its end, I had ideas and a vision for more we could achieve together. I prepared a pitch, hoping to extend our collaboration.

As I concluded, expecting discussions on contract extensions, Marc caught me off guard with a question that changed everything. 'I love these ideas,' he said, 'but have you ever considered joining us full-time?'

That moment marked a turning point.

After almost a decade of working as a freelancer, it was an offer that strangely resonated with me and my passions for the outdoors and adventure.

And that brings us to just three months ago when I embarked on an exhilarating new chapter as the Marketing Manager for Live For Today, a Yorkshire adventure company in the business of making memories.

I never thought I would go back into full-time employment. But now I have the best of both worlds. The freedom of freelance filmmaking & photography, coupled with the stability and focus of full-time marketing.

It's been a period of vibrant transformation, not just for me but for the brand itself.

In these few months, I've dived into diverse projects – from infusing new life into their brand story and refining their marketing strategy to leading a creative overhaul of their venues.

The redecorated Hazlewood Castle Activity Centre

The web developer in me also got to break free, reviving elements of a career gone by to design a sleek, user-friendly website that's as fast as it is beautiful - launching very soon.

A sneak peak at the new website

But what about my photography and filmmaking? They've been more thrilling than ever. With several projects underway for Live For Today, I'm weaving visual stories embodying adventure and discovery.

This new role has been a treasure trove of opportunities, allowing me to explore my multifaceted passions and skills beyond the lens.

Looking ahead to 2024, the horizon is bright with projects that spark a deep excitement within me.

Admittedly, my freelance work has slowed down a bit in the wake of this new chapter. Yet, this has opened doors to be more selective with my projects, choosing those that genuinely resonate with me.

Two upcoming films for two incredible brands are set to showcase storytelling in vastly unique styles – and I'm excited. It'll be amazing to see them go live!

Juggling these two roles hasn't been without its challenges, but it's a journey I've embraced with open arms. As 2024 unfolds, I aim to elevate my craft further – from filmmaking and photography to marketing, brand design, and web development.

It's lovely being in a position where I can explore and grow in a myriad of disciplines I love.

Above all, I'm committed to living life fully, embracing outdoor adventures and making each moment count.

I can't wait to share more of this journey.

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