Adventure Filmmaker & Photographer Helping outdoor brands to enhance human connections.

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My journey in filmmaking and photography

I'm an adventure filmmaker and photographer helping outdoor, adventure and climate positive brands enhance human connections with sustainable content marketing.

Izak Jackson

At the age of ten, I discovered my love for creating videos with my parents' clunky camcorder.

The results were laughably bad, but the joy of capturing and sharing moments through film was infectious.

As I grew older, I pursued my passion for filmmaking and delved into photography, quickly realizing that this was my true calling.

My childhood experiences in the great outdoors were also an essential part of who I am. From building dens in the woods to camping with the Scouts and Army Cadets, I always found myself drawn to nature.

To hone my storytelling skills, I studied journalism in university and specialised in documentary filmmaking, before starting my first company, producing films and photos for corporate clients.

The pandemic made me reevaluate my priorities and inspired me to pivot back to my love for the outdoors.

Today, I work with outdoor brands, helping them to enhance human connections with filmmaking & photography, and I also share my passion for film, photography, and the outdoors through my YouTube channel and workshops.

It's been a thrilling journey, and I'm excited to keep exploring and sharing the beauty of our natural world with others.

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My adventures in outdoor filmmaking & photography.