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We helped Live For Today, overcome their social media content challenges through a content marketing subscription, resulting in consistent and engaging content, and a significant increase in reach and engagement.

Live For Today provides adventure experiences that make you feel alive across multiple sites in Yorkshire & the Lake District.

We're working with them to create consistent and engaging content that helps to build a community around the various events and activities they run, providing them with all of our services as a part of our content marketing subscription.

Their Problem

Live For Today encountered some difficulties in maintaining consistent and high-quality content on their social media channels, which were not updated frequently enough.

Although they were trying to post content, their brand message and style lacked coherence, making it challenging for them to share their authentic voice and connect meaningfully with their audience.

They were seeking expert support to help them overcome these challenges and deepen their connections with their customers.

"We originally approached Izak looking for someone to provide photography, short form video and also consistent social media posts."

Our Solution

Collaborating closely with Marc, we dove deep into their brand story, figuring out the key message they were aiming to really to their customers. Learning more about their target audience and what made them tick, we started to formulate an initial plan.

We then audited their social media channels, which provided valuable insights into their existing marketing efforts and informed our subsequent action plan.

Based on our findings, we revamped their social media presence by developing new brand messaging, graphics, and post templates to ensure consistency and recognizability.

With the foundation in place, we started creating content. We collaborate with their team each month for a day at one of their locations to capture photographs and short-form videos. We release this content three times per week across multiple platforms, encouraging user interactions, such as tagging friends and sharing photos/videos.

Additionally, we continually monitor and analyse their social media performance, adjusting the marketing strategy as needed for optimal results.

"Izak was fantastic from the word go and approaches things with a fresh and technical approach. The first thing he did was to create a social media audit. He then updated all our tags and made sure the brand was consistent around all channels."

The Results

Since partnering with Live For Today, they have experienced a significant increase in reach and engagement across all platforms. This consistency has led to growth in the impact of their marketing efforts, allowing them to engage their customers in innovative ways.



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5 out of 5 stars

β€œIt’s amazing what an outside perspective will do to your business. We are now seeing a regular flow of content going out and a nice increase in engagement and interactions on a weekly basis. I would happily recommend LATITUDE53 to any other business.”

Marc Wise
Founder @ Live For Today