Pro Tips On Choosing Music For Your Films

Music is an important part of every film, helping to set the tone, and the mood of each scene.

Choosing what song you are going to use in each film can take hours and hours, going from track to trying, trying to find one that works best.

Here are my three tips for choosing music, that can help speed up the process.


The first thing you need to do is to think about what mood you are trying to set for your film.

This is the most important part and will define how you continue.

If you are wanting the scene to be sad, then going with a slower tempo, classical piece, could work a lot better than, some high tempo, Hip Hop.


What pacing are you wanting for the scene? Do you want it to be fast, full of energy and action? Or do you want to slow things down, pulling the listener to the edge of their seat?

Tempo can control the feelings of your viewers.


As mentioned earlier, genre is a very important part of choosing music. For example, a scene where your main character is opening up about hours they have faced in the past, may not work with some dirty punk riffs in the background.

Likewise, a scene where your character realises they have made it in life, may not work with some sad folk music playing.

Figuring out what genre will fit the tone of your movie is an important part of the puzzle.

Narrowing your search by genre, mood and tone can help you find that perfect track faster.