How To Create Facebook Cover Videos For Your Page

Let's say you have your video production company, and you want to put a showreel on your Facebook cover photo, this tutorial is going to help you with that.

It is also a great thing that you can do for clients. Let's say they are wanting a nice little video showing how they make their coffee, going from picking the beans, to roasting it, to getting it to the customer's cup.

Facebook cover videos are a really great way to instantly show people a video as soon as they look at a Facebook page. So in this tutorial, we are going to be having a look at how you can go about doing that.

I'll be using Davinci Resolve, but these principles apply to any video editing software.

Video Length

The first thing you want to do is to edit your video. Facebook requires that the video is between either 20 seconds and 90 seconds, so you want to have it somewhere in between the two.

Aspect Ratio

Now you need to edit your videos aspect ratio. To do that, if you head down to the settings cog on Davinci Resolve, you can then change the master settings, and you want it in an aspect ratio of 820 pixels by 312 pixels. If you get those right, you'll end up with a video that is quite super widescreen in its aspect ratio.


Then all you need to do is render it out. I recommend going with a .mp4 file for that, because that works much better on Facebook, and then you are good to go!