Prolost Flat: How To Set Up A Flat Color Profile On Canon DSLRs

Prolost Flat is a flat colour profile that you can use on any Canon DSLR by modifying the Neutral colour profile. This colour profile is favoured by filmmakers such as; Phillip Bloom, Peter McKinnon and many more.

There are many flat colour profiles out there that you can use on your camera, such as Technicolor Cinestyle, something I have talked about previously on this channel.

But I find that using Prolost Flat is one of the most convenient, as every Canon DSLR can use it, making it easier to match your shots when borrowing a friends camera, or when you need to reset a camera.

Why Should You Shoot Using A Flat Colour Profile?

A flat profile can give you more dynamic range, allowing you to get more detail in your shadows and your highlights.

Flat colour profiles also give you more room for adjustments when colour grading, giving you more freedom when getting creative with the look of your films.

How Do You Set Up Prolost Flat?

  1. Turn your camera on and set it to video mode.
  2. Press ‘Q’ on your cameras screen and navigate to your colour profiles.
  3. Select neutral, then info. You can now edit the settings of this profile.
  4. Pull your sharpness all the way to the left - removing the digital sharpening in your camera. You can add sharpening later when grading the footage.
  5. Next, pull your contrast all the way to the left. This helps to flatten the profile further.
  6. Finally, pull your saturation two stops to the left.

You can now start shooting in Prolost Flat.