Top 3 Places To License Music For Videos & Films

Music is an important part of films. It can help set the tone and feel of your movie, enhancing the story and driving emotion.

There are many free resources for music that you can use in your films, but often enough, this music can be very cheesy.

Sometimes your best option is to purchase music licenses.

By purchasing a licence, you are getting permission to legally use the music in your video.

I have three main resources for licensing music, but there are many platforms out there that allow you to do this.

All of these sites have a great selection of songs, and are easy to navigate, allowing you to search by mood, genre, theme and more.

The first is Art List.

For $199 per year - about £150 - you can get access to every song on the Art List platform, which you can use in any video or film you produce, whether that’s for your YouTube Channel, Client Videos or your upcoming short film.

With thousands of songs in their library, and more being added every week, Art List can be an inexpensive option for finding music you can use.

Art List provides you with both an MP3 and WAV file, giving you more options for your edit, and will allow you to download the licence for that specific song.

If you’re interested in using Art List, I have an affiliate link in the description that will give you two months free for your first year.

Next we have Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a popular option amongst YouTubers, with their monthly subscription starting at £10 per month, with different tiers based on how many views your YouTube channel receives.

Alternatively, you can purchase individual tracks starting at £79.

Epidemic has a song library of over 30,000 tracks.

One of the features I love about Epidemic Sound is that you can download the individual stems for each song, enabling you to add or remove certain instruments & vocals from each track, giving you more control over the end sound.

Epidemic Sound also has an extensive sound effects library, with over 60,000 sound effects!

The final site I’d like to mention is Premium Beat

With licences starting at $49 per song, Premium Beat is a great choice for one-off tracks to be used on client videos., with different tiers enabling the song for use on Web-Based Video, TV Commercials, Theatrical releases and more.

As with Epidemic Sound, Premium Beat also has a sound effects library.

I love using Artlist in my videos and films. Get two months free by signing up at: