5 Apps To Increase your Productivity

There are many apps out there that are designed to help you improve your productivity.

As a filmmaker, I find that using these apps is vital for me to be able to manage and organise my projects so that I can keep a clear view of what work lies ahead and how I can achieve my goals.

The apps I am going to be taking a look at help you to log time spent on work, keep track of tasks on different projects, take notes & communicate with others.


Todoist (Free with paid version)

When it comes to keeping track of my projects and the tasks within them, I would be lost without Todoist.

It allows you to create individual projects, colour code and label them, allowing you to keep on top of your tasks.

When you create a project, you can add tasks to it, make subtasks, set due dates & reminders. It also lets you add notes to each task and attach any related documents.

Todoist also has a feature called Karma, which at first seemed like a gimmick to me. Each day, if you complete all your tasks, you gain new points and can build up a daily streak.

This helps push you to get more points each day, making completing all of your tasks that much easier. They even give you gifts of the premium version when you reach different milestones.

Evernote (Free with paid version)

Evernote is a fantastic note taking app. I use it for all of my notes, scripts and articles. I am even writing this article on there.

With a clean, distraction-free interface, Evernote lets you get on with your work.

You can create notebooks for different topics, and tag your notes for easier searching. For example, I have a notebook stack called Content. In this stack, I have an Editorial notebook, a video notebook and an audio notebook. I then tag my notes based on the type of content I am making. So for one of my reviews, I will put it in the video notebook, and tag it as 'Tutorial'.

Evernote is the best way to organise your notes.

Focus Booster (Free with paid version)

Focus booster is a great way to keep track of your time - using the Pomodoro technique - for client work (for billing etc.) and for your own projects. You name your task, click start and a clock will count down through 25 minutes, giving you a 5-minute break once over.

This is a great way to boost your focus. Setting aside 25 minutes to focus on nothing but your task at hand and rewarding you with a 5-minute break at the end.

I've found that since using this app, I have been getting much more work done than I would have expected, in such a short amount of time.

G Suite (£3.30 per month)

If you want to have your own email address that's attached to your websites domain name, Google's G Suite - formerly Apps for Work - is a simple way to do this. Using the Gmail interface, you can have your email address, calendar & drive all connected for a small fee each month.

I currently have 30gb of space in my Drive that I use for all of my branding work & documentation like financials & contracts etc.

Another great part about this is that you can access all of your files no matter what device you are using, be it your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Everything syncs seamlessly.

Slack (Free with paid version)

When working in teams, email can become a pain. I only ever use my email for contacting people outside of the teams I am working in.

Slack is an instant messenger for business. You can discuss different projects on their own boards, share files from Google Drive, and better manage yourself and your project team through it.

It is a fantastic tool if you work remotely.5 Apps To Increase Your Productivity

So these are my 5 favourite tools for increasing productivity. It is great knowing what I have to do, where all my files are, keeping track of my time and communicating more efficiently. These tools have become a vital part of my workflow, and I'm sure they'll become a part of yours too.