Top Productivity Apps For 2018

As a business owner, student & YouTuber, I have a lot going on in my life that I need to keep track of in order to stay productive and meet deadlines.

I am constantly refining my workflow, and finding new tools that can help me to be more efficient.

Here are my top 5 apps for keeping organised and being productive in 2018.


1. Todoist

Free With Paid Version - £27.99 per year

Todoist is a great tool for keeping track of what you need to do. You can create different lists & sub-lists for each project you're working on.

For example, with my YouTube channel, I have a general list of things to do, with sub lists for my tutorials, reviews, podcasts etc. This helps me to keeo everything organised, and makes knowing what needs to be done more manageable and less overwhelming.

I find this tool to be invaluable when it comes to project management.


2. Bear (OSX & IOS)

Free With Paid Version - £1.49 per month

Bear is a beautiful, minimal and simplistic note taking tool that uses markdown. Previously, I would use Evernote for my note taking, but in recent yers, Evernote has gotten more clunky a bloated with features I never used. Bear brings note taking back to what it should be. Simple. Easy. Organised.


3. Spark (OSX & IOS)


Spark is everything I wanted from an email client. It organises your emails into different categories such as 'Important', 'Newsletter' among others. This makes reaching inbox 0 a breeze as you can quickly and easily get through the junk mail, leaving you with what matters.

For emails that don't need long repolies, Spark has quick responses built in. I also love being able to use multiple email addresses in this client, and having unique signatures for each one.


4. GSuite

£3.30 per month/per user

GSuite is the powerhouse of my productivity. It acts as the brains for my Email, Calender and cloud storage for both my personal and work domains.

Drive syncs important documents between my devices, allowing me to seamlessly work on them from whichever device I please, and Calendar helps me to keep track of my upcoming meetings and deadlines.

I am currently testing out Fantastical as a calender client, which will use GSuite as its brains, while giving me a much more cleanly layed out view of my daily and weekly schedules.


5. Post Haste (Win 10 & OSX)


Post Haste comes into play when I start new projects. I have set up multiple project templates for my Client Films, YouTube Videos, Podcasts and more. When starting a new project, I choose the template type and location and it will automatically set up and populate the files I need.

For example, this could be a Premiere Pro project file, motion graphics, and sound effects that I need for my Youtube channel.

I plan on releasing an in-depth tutorial on how you can use PostHaste to speed up your project management, so stay tuned for that!

Honorable Mentions


Pocket is a great tool for managing a reading list. It allows me to save articles to a list that I can go back to later, allowing me to in essence, bookmark them when I am busy.


Toggl allows me to keep track of how much time I am spending on projects. This is great when calculating billable hours for clients, and making sure I work the ammount I want to each week.


Similar to Toggle, ResuceTime tracks what I am doing when at my computer. It helps me to boost my productivity by letting me know how much time I spend on specific programs or websites. It can also black distractions for a specified ammount of time, which is great when you need to go distraction free to meet deadlines.